13 tips to enrich a child’s vocabulary

Speech is one of the most important and first means that a child learns from a young age to communicate with his surroundings and express his thoughts. That is why we, as parents, have to take care of this aspect and try to enrich our child’s linguistic balance. Today in this article we will teach you some of the ways and tricks that help you do that.

1-It is important that you use unfamiliar words in your speech because the child is by nature imitating adults in everything, so you can teach him new words indirectly using other adjectives such as big, small, beautiful, good, and other words.

2-Whenever your child asks about something, always try to describe it to him in two or more words so that he knows all the convergent terms.

3-Always suggest that your child compare the sizes or lengths of things so that he is able to identify opposite words such as asking him: “Is this a big elephant or a small elephant?”

4-When you talk to your child, try to suggest several words to choose from, for example, “Is the water cold or freezing?”

5-Make your education for your child be more fun than it is just education. For example, ask him to give you an analogy of a clean shirt without using traditional words, for example, he will tell you that it is like snow white.

6-You must teach your son words that have more than one meaning and more than one use because he may use the same word in the wrong place, thinking that he is right.

7-To reinforce the child’s learning of new words or phrases, they must be used with verbs so that the child can associate the phrase with action and understands its use well so that you will notice that when you say the phrase he will do the same.

8-We cannot talk about learning new words without mentioning books, as they are one of the most important means that teach the child. Colorful stories and drawings will inevitably attract reading, and thus he will get used to reading since his childhood and develop his language and way of expression.

9-Watching cartoons are one of the most activities that children do, especially before school age, and it not only teaches the child new words but the child’s discussion with his brothers or with his parents about the story that the cartoon tells is what helps the child to develop his language.

10-Do not allow your child to spend his entire time watching cartoons, perhaps some of them are useless. Instead, replace them with documents about nature, animals, or any topic that is according to his intellectual level, as it expands his imagination and makes him ask many questions and develop his speech.

11-It is very important to spend time with your child and do recreational activities together, such as cooking and talking about how to prepare or how to extract ingredients, so that the child develops his knowledge, creativity, and words at the same time, not to mention the consolidation of the relationship between parents and their child.

12-As another tip, you can offer educational and entertaining games at the same time and it is not necessary to buy them for a large amount, but you can create them yourself or one of the old games that you liked when you were a child.

13-It is important to teach your child polite phrases such as thanking someone who makes him happy or wishing people a nice day and other phrases, but you should also make sure to use these phrases yourself, as the child learns by imitation from his parents.

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