Involved, Molina explodes

Roman Molina defended Aminata Diallo in the months following the attack on Khaira Hamraoui. too much for her…

On the stage since Friday and broadcasting the first part of his investigation into child sexual abuse cases within the French Football Federation and the silence of its leaders, Romain Molina also witnessed his name being widely cited when Aminata Diallo was taken to police custody and then charged and imprisoned as part of the assault investigation. On Khaira Al-Hamrawi.

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The independent journalist, known for his investigations into football abuses, particularly within FIFA, has already defended Aminata Diallo on several occasions, lamenting the treatment she was a victim of last fall during her initial detention. According to Le Parisien, this situation would not be accidental. Thus, Roman Molina was a media relay, whether to reveal a fight in training between Khaira Hamraoui and some of his close colleagues from Aminata Diallo, which would lead to the expulsion of the former Barcelona, ​​or to provoke a sexual assault by coach Dider. Ole-Nicole about a young player, with the key to dispensing with the technician.

It’s very dangerous

This is how Roman Molina is described as “Also from the Grenoble region and regular correspondent of Aminata Diallo”. Exposures did not surprise the journalist in Mediapart, Elias Ramdani. “Finally, this masquerade came out. Le Parisien reveals (among other things) how the Diallo clan manipulated the Ole-Nicole ‘scandal’, with the help of R.Molina, to intimidate Paris Saint-Germain”, he wrote. The comments infuriated Roman Molina, who split a video overnight.

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I would like to clarify some points after the false article in Le Parisien about me in the Hamraoui and Diallo case because I will now be a party to it. The first thing is that I made two videos about it, about the media handling of the issue and PSG’s ostrich policy. At the time, I did not know Aminata Diallo at all and relied on several sources (the prosecutor’s office, an internal source in the investigation, etc.). I was told a text message “has nothing to do with the athlete.” I have also consulted with people close to Khaira Hamraoui, Aminata Diallo and at the club. I had 8-10 people in the first video and 16 people and I think that’s good enough”, Release.

“In addition, Mediapart’s Ellis Ramdani is more or less accusing me of being part of a blackmailing, lobbying group to extend some PSG players with the help of Katoto’s agent and Diane. I don’t know him, I’ve never spoken to him and I don’t even have his phone number. So these accusations are serious. Very and for the first time my lawyer will file a complaint against this man, he said. Because we are still talking about extortion and pressure, this is very serious. Likewise, Le Parisien links the supposed Grenoble ancestry between me and Aminata Diallo. I am not from Grenoble, I come from North Isere, I’ve been to Grenoble twice, for school outings, the last time for my baccalaureate basketball at the age of 18.” Roman Molina concludes: “I will seek justice to do its work.”

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