Five people accused of tax evasion or money laundering

Five people have been indicted in the “102 gold ingots” case, Bhutto (Hauts-de-Seine) Mayor Joëlle Ceccaldi-Raynaud, in particular, on suspicion of transferring undisclosed funds to her daughter, AFP learned Thursday from informed sources. with this issue.

The former MP and Mayor LR, who disputes the facts, has been indicted in this case since December 2020 for laundering aggravated tax fraud.

The new indictments, issued between April and August, target his two children, Vincent Franchi and Emily Franchi, and his son-in-law, Vincent Laveque. It also targeted Didier Ben-Saadoun, the account manager at the time of the events, and Olivier Ben-Saadoun, the former sports director of the Bouteau municipality.

Sources close to the case told AFP that all of them are accused of tax evasion laundering, and some of them have aggravating circumstances such as the organized gang, which was confirmed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Nanterre. Tax evasion suspects by Emilie Franchi and Vincent LaVeque are also suspected.

Ms Ceccaldi-Raynaud is accused in particular of transferring unauthorized funds for her daughter into an account in Luxembourg, including 102 gold bars worth €2 million at the time and about €865,000 in cash. According to the mayor, this ingot came from an inheritance from her Corsican grandmother.

For Baptiste de Vries de Montval, attorney for Mrs. Franchi and Mr. Lavec, his ‘victim’ client and her ‘masquerade turkey’ husband: Mrs. Cicaldi Reno’s daughter, ‘too young’ at the time of the facts (the twenties) would have obeyed only her family, while her husband’ He discovered this relationship when he married Emily Franchi. His clients “did everything to resolve” the situation.

The son, Vincent Franchi, the current deputy mayor of Bhutto, was indicted in May for money laundering. The department counsel denied this, and confirmed to AFP that he only had the role of proxy for this account.

It was their grandfather, Charles Sicaldi-Raynaud, a former parliamentarian and Bhutto figure, who died in 2019, who reported this famous novel of justice in 2008. He was then in conflict with his daughter Joel at Town Hall.

Then in 2015, Mediapart revealed that this account, now named Emilie Franchi, was emptied in 2008. An investigation was opened in 2016, and it was entrusted to an investigative judge in 2019.

In 2021, Olivier Ben-Saadoun, the former sporting director of the Town Hall, explained to Mediapart that he had moved part of the bullion and had seen several withdrawals of the money back to France. He was indicted last August.

In May 2022, his brother, Didier Ben Saadoun, the account manager was also charged. Can’t reach their lawyer.


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