Lawrence Drumard Murder: Hairdresser’s Husband Denounced by His Mistress

On July 15, 2010, another murder of women was committed in France, in Saint-Martin-de-Blois (Marne). Lawrence Drumard’s husband was immediately suspected, and even denounced by his mistress. Back to the murder of a woman without tales.

we July 15, 2010 In Saint-Martin-d’Ablois, in the province of Marne. Panicked, a man called emergency services at 10:11 p.m.: “Come now, I’ve been robbed, my wife is lifeless, there’s blood everywhere!”Says Sylvain Dromard, 57, owner of a carpentry shop. After he called, firefighters and gendarmes immediately arrived and found him in front of his wife’s bleeding body on the kitchen floor. Lawrence Drumard died 3 hours later. Her husband explains that he discovered her on his return from a professional meeting in Epernai, a town about ten kilometers from his home. He first noticed the disappearance of an envelope containing 1,200 euros plus jewels. So think of a Thiefwho allegedly assaulted his wife. The gendarmes do not believe in this narration, and they follow cheating husband trackwho murdered his wife with the complicity of his 52-year-old lover Muriel Bonin.

The suspicions of the gendarmes were confirmed by the autopsy of Lawrence Drumard. This was actually “Victim of about ten hits, probably hit with a garden tool. The attacker had great physical strength”. The expert talks about a “Cruelty”And the The victim was slaughtered. What does not match the story of the thieves who are not accustomed to killing, not even with such violence. Neighbors also said that they did not see strangers at that time, nor did they hear any suspicious sounds: If she had surprised someone, Lawrence Drummard would surely have shrieked.Olivier Carteret, attorney for his parents and sister, reassured me: “A behavioral analyst who examined the crime scene suggests that she must have known her assailant. Somehow she was kill with confidence. ” Did he say.

Partner mistress denounces him

After that, investigators learned about Sylvain Dromard’s infidelities, and his relationship with Muriel Bonin since 2008. Lawrence Dromard also went to her rival to tell her not to see her husband anymore. She was the mistress at the time File a complaintclaiming to have been injured at the time.

After Lawrence’s death, the gendarmerie eavesdropping on lovers, because they see themselves hiding in hotels. Then the teacher called her sister November 9, 2010He confessed to him that Sylvain Dromard had killed his wife. After that, the two were placed in police custody, and the mistress collapsed and confessed that they had decided to kill Lawrence Drumard, after the events of April 24. She also admitted that she purchased the murder weapon, which is nothing but a baseball bat. According to him, Sylvain Drumard was going to kill his wife without his help between 8:30 pm and 9 pm, and he was going to meet a client in Epernay. Then he found out she wasn’t dead when he came back, and He would have strangled her With a towel, before calling for help. The mistress also confirmed that the pair would have hidden the famous baseball bat as well as Lawrence’s bloodstained clothes in the false ceiling of his workshop. He then burns them in the vineyards after killing.

However, Muriel Bonin’s accusations are called to question, in particular because the experts spoke of a garden tool after the autopsy, and in no way a baseball bat. Sylvain’s daughters also support him with teeth and nails, even if Laurence Drumard’s parents and sister do not believe in the innocence of the husband: “This couple had two well-functioning businesses, a good property portfolio. In short, they had everything to succeed, Olivier Carteret explained to me. But before the tragedy, Sylvain Dromard asked the notary about the cost of the divorce. His wife to financial reasons.

Today the mistress is trying as much as possible Underestimate his confession And to exonerate himself as much as possible in this story.

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