Football England – Mo: Cristiano Ronaldo slips, finds fake lawyer

Cristiano Ronaldo retreated during the match between Manchester United and Tottenham by returning to the dressing room before the end of the match.

It seems that the divorce took place between Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. And for good reason, CR7 left the bench, five minutes before the end of the Premier League game against Tottenham this week. Unbearable behavior in the eyes of coach Eric Ten Hag, who has ruled the Portuguese star out of this weekend’s game against Chelsea. While waiting to know how the case will develop, some of Cristiano Ronaldo’s relatives are trying to defend him. This is for example the case of Nani, a former CR7 teammate at Manchester United and with the Portuguese selection. But in an interview with BeInSports, Nani was a bit clumsy in helping his ex-partner.

Nani clumsily defends Cristiano Ronaldo

“I didn’t see Cristiano Ronaldo leave the field. I don’t know what happened at the time. But maybe he just needed to go to the bathroom. I don’t know… but everyone knows he’s a great professional. He works hard to be on the field. There might be a little frustration. For not having a chance to play. But it is his desire to be on the field. I think this episode is not dangerous because he must have had a reason, I don’t know that” Nani was fired in order to defend Cristiano Ronaldo when it was clear CR7 didn’t have a good excuse to leave the bench, or else the Manchester United captains wouldn’t punish him. By behaving this way, and even if he apologized for his stance on Instagram, Cristiano Ronaldo got it wrong, and this Friday in England, one wonders if the 37-year-old striker will ever wear the Manchester United colours.

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