Video – Wehbe: “I take full responsibility for the laws that are the subject of discussion”

Minister of Justice, Mr. Abdellatif Wehbe, during his guest intervention at the Lafki Titwany Foundation on Tuesday, November 1, commented on the tensions with lawyers and the progress of the long-awaited bills, including the Penal Code and the Family. code.

Mr. Wehbe emphasized: “I take full responsibility for (drafts) laws that are the subject of many discussions, whether it is related to taxation (PLF 2023 provisions) or those related to the profession (lawyer),” he said.

Regarding the tax provisions related to the legal profession set forth in PLF 2023, which the lawyers oppose, Mr. Wehbe indicated that he had “proposed and persuaded the Ministry of Finance” to incorporate it. “I still believe in it and take full responsibility for it,” he added.


+ “My relationship with the judiciary and the prosecution is good” +

As for the legal profession bill, as well as the issue of disputes with the black robe, the minister confirms that it was his department that prepared this text, which “the government has not yet consulted, but he will consult and we will discuss it.”

“Conflict is the way to work. Should I wait for others to legislate for me and then have my say? Or should I take the initiative?

My relationship with the judiciary and the public prosecution is good, based on respecting each other’s competencies. It does not interfere in the competencies of others. My role is to provide all means for Moroccan justice to ensure conditions of fair justice for Moroccan citizens.”

He adds: “The draft civil procedure law is in its final stage. The Director of Civil Affairs has held discussions with officials in the General Secretariat of Government (SGG). There are one or two divisive articles left (…) We, the Secretary-General or I, will try to find a formula.”

+ The draft penal code has been submitted to January 2023 +

Regarding the draft Criminal Procedure Code, the Minister of Justice confirms that its preparation by the Director of Criminal Cases has been completed, “it will now be sent to the SGG for discussion”.

With regard to the draft law regulating the profession of adouls, Abdel Latif Wehbe noted that “only some clauses are missing to put an end to the adoul profession.”

After listing all these developments, the minister announced that “the next parliamentary session will be a legislative session par excellence with regard to these laws.”

We had decided to publish it (the Penal Code) in April. But that will be in January. We prepared and discussed the first draft. It remains to add provisions related to social networks to protect people’s privacy (…). Provisions to be amended concerning individual liberties, and so on.

“We are working on it; I will do my best so that the blog is in the hands of the SGG in January (…) so that the Moroccans can refer to it and have a discussion.”

He stressed that “change needs boldness and courage, and it must be done.”

Regarding the Moudawana, “We do not yet know what methodology to adopt but we are working, reviewing the texts and case law. Among the questions: compensation for women in the event of divorce, the marriage of underage girls, which is a big problem in Morocco that provokes me to the point of considering its criminalization (…) According to Mr. Wehbe.


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