Rose Filippazo was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the murder of her husband

The Lyon Assize Court sentenced Rose Filippazo, 50, on Friday to 12 years in prison. guilty of killing her husband. The jury took into account the weakness of his distinction, who had been diagnosed by two experts in psychiatry, and therefore decided to retain the commutation of his criminal responsibility.

The court issued three years of social and judicial follow-up, a fifteen-year ban on carrying arms, and an additional penalty of deprivation of civil rights for ten years. A few hours earlier the prosecutor had requested a sixteen-year prison sentence, rejecting defense arguments that were based on influence and Her husband’s violence against the accused.

“Kills her husband in cold blood”

For the judge, no mitigating circumstances can be reserved for the fifty-year-old woman who killed Michel Zerfa, her husband, with a bullet to the head in his sleep, on September 16, 2018 in Touraine (Rhône). “Do not hurry at his gesture, do not panic. She kills her husband in cold blood,” declared Thierry Lucetta, who showed the estimated distance of 10 centimeters between the gun and the head of the sleeping victim “will to kill”.

The judge flatly rejected the hypothesis of an act of defending a woman under the influence, which would have been murder as the only escape from years of humiliation. “She can file for a divorce. The attorney general insisted that France was not Iran or Afghanistan.

He added, “She was not a puppet in her husband’s hand,” and went so far as to question the domestic violence described by the accused, and her daughters confirmed it at Thursday’s hearing. “It does not seem to me that the usual nature of the violence is proven,” Mr. Lucetta said, as the accused “defamed her husband so that his crime might be minimized.”

According to the prosecutor, a financial motive could explain the crime. “At the time of filming, she thought she was the beneficiary” of a €200,000 life insurance policy that her husband took the previous year, he said.

“Out of the Underworld”

But psychiatric experts Friday morning diagnosed the effect process, which managed to isolate Rose Filipazo. “She is still a prisoner of a pathological relationship,” Professor Lilian Dalegand said in particular. “It develops a frame of reference for dependence and is characterized by submission,” added Dr. Xavier Renaud, in his experience read at the session.

Legal expert Lillian Dalegand, a domestic violence and legal expert, pointed out that the fatal act could be the result of “wear and tear”, the “accumulation” of suffering caused by her husband. “Crossing into the murderous act made it possible to get out of vice.”

According to her, the accused “reproduced what I always knew” because the influence and violence were already present in her childhood. Hence a “mental disorder” which, according to her, leads to a change in her distinction. “This is the trial of all these weak women, dependent on their violent husbands,” said Janine Bonagionta.

The defense lawyer said she was “angry” at the prosecutor’s failure to take into account “the abused woman’s words.” Former lawyer for Jacqueline Sauvage, who was convicted of the violent murder of her husband before she was granted a presidential pardon in 2016, insisted, “I am appalled to see that mentalities are not changing.” “The greatest leniency,” added the attorney who asked the jury.

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