Un Si Grand Soleil In Advance: Wednesday November 9, 2022 Episode Summary [SPOILERS] – News series on TV

In the next episode of “Un si grand Soleil”… Sophia confesses to Elise that she tried to accuse Fanny. For her part, Joanna decided to distance herself from Paul.

Watch out, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode Un Si Grand Soleil that airs tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read!

Wednesday 9 November in Such a big sun

Elise goes to the savages to confront Sophia. Nervous, she asks her ex-boyfriend if she went to put a cigarette butt belonging to Fanny in Damien. The young woman admits everything. Upset, Elise asks her if she intends to save her marriage by putting Fanny in prison.

She asks for explanations. Sophia confesses to him that she suffered from seeing her with Fanny. Elise seemed very happy and in love. The policewoman, upset, explained to him that she should be in prison for what she had done.

Then Sophia told him that evening that she was following her. As soon as the two women left the restaurant, she unknowingly took a cigarette butt and placed it in Damien’s Garden. Sophia apologizes to her ex-boyfriend. But Elise prefers to leave. Sophia collapses.

Once in her car, Elise called Bilal and told him what had happened. Elise is confused and does not understand how she can act this way. She asks her friend not to tell anyone about this because she hasn’t decided what to do yet. Bilal advises him not to report it and to think of Charlie. Before ending the call, he promises to keep the secret.

For her part, Fanny makes a big return to high school and finds her classmates in the teachers’ room. The young woman is still very upset about what happened to her. She meets Tice and asks her for news, but the teen is on the defensive.

Despite everything, Fanny tries to convince her not to give up her studies at STAPS. She even offers to help him catch up. But Thays is still angry with him for denouncing Damien.

The seals of the investigation into Damien’s murder go to the register. Elise finally decided not to report Sophia. She calls her ex-girlfriend to tell her of her decision. Sophia thanks her and apologizes again.

Elise takes the opportunity to tell him that she has started divorce proceedings and that from now on they will only see each other in the presence of their lawyer. Sophia destroyed. Meanwhile, Elise joins Fanny in high school to tell her that her story with Sophia is already over. While the teacher asks her if she needs to take some time for herself, Elise replies that she wants to be with her and accepts her.

Marion confides in Sylvie that she has the impression that Guelhm is taking advantage of her. The latter is upset and does not understand who put this idea in her head. Marion reminds her that she is paying for the wedding and gives her gifts. She is afraid that her aunt will allow herself to go blind. Annoyed, Sylvie asks her niece to leave.

At L’Cosmetiques, Laurent is confused. He has struggled to survive since Jade’s departure. Enrique advises her to take a break and hire a new assistant. He also urges his friend to leave early in the evening, though his work is not finished.

But Laurent replies that at the moment he doesn’t really want to go home because Marion never stops talking about her aunt’s wedding. He confesses to Enrique that his companion is convinced that their Gilhem is uniting with Sylvie out of interest. But Laurent believes that the lawyer, who is one of the most important lawyers in Montpellier, does not need to marry in order to get the money.

For her part, Sylvie tells her fiancé about her meeting with Marion. Their generation understands the young woman. Sylvie was surprised that he was defending her. He reassures his companion, explaining to her that over time, Marion should calm down. He even offers to go talk to her to reassure her.

For her part, Joanna had a drink with Sabine and told her what happened during her dinner with Paul. I was shocked by his attitude and decided not to reply to his messages. Sabine is surprised that she ended their relationship for this.

Joanna reminds him that he also had a destabilizing situation when she declined his invitation to Seville. The young woman sometimes gets the impression that she is dealing with a completely different person. Sabine advised him not to make a hasty decision.

Joanna ends up calling Paul again. She then explained to him that she felt bad after what happened last night. The young man apologizes for his behaviour. He offers to see her tonight but she replies that she isn’t there. She ends up admitting to him that she needs time. Paul pretends to be understanding. But in fact his face is closing and he is very upset.

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