It’s already over with his lawyer!

Johnny Depp once again is a heart to take. previously ! His relationship with Joel Rich, which was revealed in broad daylight last September, will be no more than a few weeks…and the two are no longer seen together. A few days ago, during a wedding in Ibiza attended by the 37-year-old lawyer, the absence of an interpreter Jack Sparrow was noticed. Disturbing, in fact, the two lovebirds appeared freely during the month of October and seemed particularly complicit.

Since their meeting, in 2018, when the representative assigned his attorney to defend him during a defamation lawsuit filed Sun – The tabloid called him A “Abusive husband” – They both know each other very well. But the intimate relationship no longer exists, as the actor’s friend explains to daily Mail : “Really, we’re not talking about an ordinary couple and a wonderful, stable and solid love story. It was never in question that Johnny got out of a long and traumatic legal battle, everyone knows. Who would want to get back into the relationship so quickly after going through all that? Besides, it’s Johnny Depp, and I don’t think a coordinated serious romance is really his cup of tea!”

At least, it’s no longer about the person who was still in a fourteen-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis, with whom he had his children. But Joel Rich had to believe in this passion to drop everything, give up her elegant life as a married woman and mother of two, and embark on an adventure with the actor who is twenty years her senior. Bad account! Even if it appears that her affair is already over, her divorce proceedings with Jonathan, whom she married in 2011, are still ongoing. We wish her less painful and messy than her ex-boyfriend with Amber Heard.

With amber, the war resumes!

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Johnny Depp isn’t ready to bury the hatchet with ex-wife Amber Heard. He said he was refusing to pay the $2 million that a court in Halifax, Virginia, ordered this summer after statements deemed defamatory made by his attorney, Adam Waldman, at trial. Despite the very favorable verdict, in which the actor received $10 million in compensation, he disapproves of the verdict “wrong – wrong – wronged” So he heads to make a call.

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