Life insurance

which is a contract between the owner of the insurance policy and the insurance company or insurer, in which the insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money (benefit) on the death of the insured person in exchange for insurance premiums that the insured person regularly pays to the insurance company or as a … Read more

Role of insurance in Risk Management

Once risk and identified and analyzed, it is important to plan and adopt a suitable strategy for controlling the risk. Risk planning and controlling is the stage which comes after the risk analysis process is over. There are five major methods of handling and controlling risk. (a) Risk avoidance; (b) Risk retention; (c) Risk transfer; … Read more

Why Sports Lovers Need Personal Accident Insurance

There is no shortage of sports and physical activities to stay active in the united states. From mixed martial arts to yoga, swimming, and soccer, there is something for everyone. But no matter how careful you are when participating in your favorite sports and physical activities, the unexpected can still happen. If you are injured, … Read more

Which Health Insurance Plan is Right For Me?

Insurance is a fairly complex subject to understand, especially without the help of a professional financial planner. There are many different types of insurance for different needs, but the basis of each is always protection. If you don’t know where to start, health insurance is a good place to start. A health insurance policy covers … Read more

How do I find the best car insurance?

The best car insurance is one that suits your needs as a driver while respecting your budget. By putting together your customized car insurance policy, you get the ideal coverage and you can hit the road with complete peace of mind. How to choose your car insurance? To choose the most suitable car insurance, you … Read more

In which cases is the All Risks insurance suitable?

All Risks of car insurance is suitable for : Drivers with a new (or very recent) vehicle with a high resale value. In this case, the goal is to protect your investment. owners of very modern cars with a lot of technological equipment and/or expensive accessories. Without insurance, the repair of these various elements is … Read more

Six Steps to Finding the Best Motorcycle Crash Attorney

Choosing the best motorcycle crash attorney for your case depends on several factors. For example, you’ll want an attorney who practices personal injury law, knows the area and understands the challenges you’ll face as you deal with your crash injuries. Too often, motorcycle crashes are the result of passenger or commercial vehicle drivers failing to … Read more