Top 10 Easiest Small Town Business Ideas 2022

In small towns with a population of 50-100 thousand people, the competition is relatively small and it is easier to open a business there than in megacities. But on the other hand, the market capacity in such cities is also small. Therefore, in order to open a small business for start-up entrepreneurs, they will have to consider … Read more

35 Profitable Business Ideas from America (USA) 2022

America is a leading country not only in ultra-modern technologies but also in business development. There are many worthy examples that can help many people find an opportunity to earn money on their own in today’s economic conditions. In this article, we have collected 35 profitable business ideas from America (USA) in 2022 that can be implemented in … Read more

How to keep track of sales when you have an online store and a retail outlet

Marketplaces are taking over the market, so far-sighted entrepreneurs should start developing these sales channels. Considering that digitalization has made it possible for Russians to produce and sell products remotely, and abroad, we will analyze how to sell goods on Amazon while sitting at a home computer . Why are entrepreneurs interested in Amazon? Every entrepreneur can start selling … Read more